Presented by the Terner Center for Housing Innovation at UC Berkeley and Fannie Mae

November 8, 2018 | 9:00am - 4:00pm | The Village, San Francisco

Housing America: A Conversation with Carol Galante and David Benson

9:30 am

In California and across the nation, the process of creating housing for the middle class has stalled. Housing supply is dwindling and costs for new construction have skyrocketed. David Benson, President of Fannie Mae, will interview Carol Galante, Faculty Director of the Terner Center, to explore the complex regulatory, policy, economic, and structural barriers to creating housing that works for all Americans.

10:00 am

Jeff Hamel, Google’s Director of Energy and Enterprise Partnerships, will offer the company's vision for how user-centered design, connectivity, and data will advance housing affordability and sustainability.

Innovations to Stem the High Cost and Time of New Housing Construction

10:35 am

Construction costs and labor shortages are limiting the ability to meet housing demand in Northern California and other metropolitan areas. Designers and builders are using technology in new ways to make home construction quicker, less expensive, and more aligned to modern preferences. This panel explores innovative ideas that launch us beyond the stick-built homes of decades past.


Cory Weinberg, Reporter, The Information


Innovations to Increase Density in Cities

11:30 am

What are some innovative design models for overcoming the cost and political barriers to creating more density and housing in supply constrained high-cost regions?

This session will include opening remarks from California State Senator Scott Wiener


Liam Dillon, Reporter, The Los Angeles Times


Engaging the Tech Community to Address Housing Challenges

1:45 pm

A presentation from Catherine Bracy of TechEquity Collaborative

Can Technology Revolutionize Real Estate Finance?

2:10 pm

How will a digitized and data-driven real estate finance system drive down costs and create new ways to finance housing affordably and sustainably? Can the legacy infrastructure of housing finance, including regulations, accommodate rapid change?


Laura Kusisto, Reporter, The Wall Street Journal


Harnessing Opportunity in a Changing Housing Market: A Venture Perspective

3:15 pm

What disruptive trends in housing are attracting long-term risk capital? Are there patterns to disruption that VCs have seen and encouraged in other sectors that are applicable to housing? What is housing’s equivalent of Amazon in retail, or Lyft in ride-hailing?


Alesia Haas, CFO, Coinbase