Innovation Marketplace

A lunchtime housing innovation “marketplace” where entrepreneurs will pitch disruptive ideas for moving housing and mortgage markets into the 21st century.


Which innovator do you think has the potential to make the greatest impact on the future of the housing market?



Acre creates zero-energy smarthomes that produce all their own power, and can be built faster and more affordably than standard construction.



Civic is a digital identity platform on a mission to give everyone a digital identity that they control. By spearheading the development of, Civic is making secure identity verification accessible and cost-effective and helping mitigates issues from data breaches to economic access.

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CoBuy makes it easier to buy & own a home together, intelligently.


Common is the nation’s leading residential brand enhancing the quality of living for members and value of real estate for partners through convenience and community across the country

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Divvy Homes is a new homeownership platform on a mission to close the housing affordability gap by providing trusted, transparent, and simple homeownership products for families. With Divvy’s technology, renters can choose any home on the market to live in, purchasing a percentage of their home now and buying more ownership over time.


Geomni is an aerial imagery and visual intelligence company that provides U.S.-based customers with actionable data on properties, including detailed measurement reports, post-catastrophe damage assessments and three-dimensional models for construction and remodeling visualization.

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Haven Connect enables affordable housing property managers to fill vacancies faster by providing transparent waitlist management.


HouseCanary is a real estate technology company providing the most accurate home valuations to drive smarter decisions across the residential real estate ecosystem.